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TWC Orchestrates Successful Peruvian Chinese Travel Trade Workshop in Beijing


TWC, under the assignment of PROMPERÚ and in coordination with the Peruvian Embassy in Beijing, successfully organised a high-impact travel trade workshop on May 31, 2024. This event aimed to showcase Peru as a premier tourist destination and foster Sino-Peruvian tourism exchange and cooperation.


The primary objective of the workshop was to promote Peru to the Chinese tourism industry, enhance bilateral tourism cooperation, and strengthen connections between Peruvian tourism companies and Chinese outbound travel professionals.

Project Process

TWC began by identifying and inviting 60 Beijing-based travel trade companies, ensuring 35 confirmed their attendance. We organized 273 one-on-one business appointments between Chinese travel agencies and Peruvian exhibitors, averaging 21 meetings per exhibitor. Our team provided comprehensive support, including professional interpreters and promotional materials, and coordinated all onsite logistics to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Outcomes and Impact

The Peruvian Chinese travel trade workshop in Beijing was a resounding success, achieving the following:

  • Strengthened diplomatic ties and tourism cooperation between Peru and China.
  • Enhanced the visibility of Peru as a diverse and attractive travel destination among Chinese travel agencies.
  • Facilitated meaningful business interactions through organized matchmaking appointments.
  • Demonstrated TWC’s expertise in event management, network utilisation, and onsite execution.


China’s outbound tourism market is booming and organizing workshops like this is highly beneficial for fostering international tourism relationships. For destinations, travel associations, or tourism & hospitality businesses targeting the Chinese market, please get in touch with TWC to explore collaboration opportunities. Our proven expertise in event management and extensive network can help you effectively reach and engage the Chinese travel trade industry.

About Travel World China (TWC)

Travel World China is a destination marketing and travel representation company dedicated to promoting foreign tourism destinations, hotel groups, and bespoke travel services to the Chinese travel market. Our services encompass but not limited to event planning, media engagement, and destination promotion, making us a trusted partner for businesses looking to tap into the vast Chinese travel market. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the dynamics of the Chinese travel market, TWC helps clients create impactful and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Let TWC be your gateway to the Chinese travel market.

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